Shiho Fujimiya
Shiho fujimiya
Kaori's mother.
Kanji 藤宮 志穂
Rōmaji Fujimiya Shiho
General Information
Gender Female
Age 30s
Relatives Fujimiya Kaori (daughter)

Unknown name (husband)

Birthday July 1st (Cancer)
Height 162.7cm
Weight 54 kg
Blood Type A
Eye color Brown
Hair color Reddish-brown
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut {{{manga debut}}}
Voice actors
Japanese Mai Nakahara
Other N/A

Shiho Fujimiya is a supporting character of the anime series, Isshuukan Friends. She is Kaori Fujimiya's mother.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has reddish-brown hair, usually kept in a ponytail and brown eyes, looking very much like her daughter.


Mrs. Fujimiya is a loving and caring mother who looks out for Kaori, her only child and enjoys listening to her stories of her friends. She says to Yuuki that as a mother, it is difficult to not being able to do anything to help Kaori and her problem. She appreciates Yuuki being Kaori's friend and takes a liking to him. One of her personality quirks is her fondness of over-dramatizing situations mostly to tease others, as shown with her interactions with Yuuki, showing a whimsical romantic side to her. ==Plot==


Kaori Fujimiya Edit

Kaori is Mrs. Fujimiya's only daughter. She cares for her daughter and enjoys listening to her stories about her friends. She used to worry that her daughter's memory loss every week would keep her from making friends.

Yuuki Hase Edit

Mrs. Fujimiya met Yuuki Hase through her daughter, hearing about him from her stories and eventually meeting him when Kaori brought him home to help study. She quickly takes a liking to him and thanks him for being her daughter's friend. Mrs. Fujimiya seems pretty aware of Yuuki's crush on her daughter, but doesn't seem bothered by it at all, often playfully teasing him on the matter.