Jun Inoue
Jun inoue
A math teacher.
Kanji 井上 潤
Rōmaji Inoue Jun
General Information
Gender Male
Age 20s-40s
Relatives Unknown
Birthday February 4th (Aquarius)
Height 174.2 cm
Weight 65 kg
Blood Type O
Eye color Brown
Hair color Gray, black
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Voice actors
Japanese Junji Majima
Other N/A

Jun Inoue (井上 潤 Inoue Jun) is a supporting character of the anime series, Isshuukan Friends. He is Yuuki Hase and Kaori Fujimiya's homeroom math teacher.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Jun Inoue has black hair and eyes and is usually seen wearing a white shirt, a red tie with slanted horizontal stripes along with his black pants.


Jun Inoue is generally a very caring teacher towards his students. He is able to sense when students are in need of assistance, whether academically or otherwise.



Yuuki HaseEdit

Jun Inoue worries about his worst student, Yuuki Hase, because of his failing grades early in the year. He tries helping Yuuki raise his grades by striking small deals with him and the rest of the failing students in the class.

Kaori FujimiyaEdit

Jun Inoue is very caring towards Kaori, as seen when he offered keys to the roof in exchange for her helping out with writing down problems on the board.