Hajime Kujou
Hajime kujou
A forgotten important friend.
Kanji 九条 一
Rōmaji Kujō Hajime
General Information
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Relatives Mitsuru Kujou (Older brother)
Mother, father
Birthday September 18th (Virgo)
Height 170.8 cm
Weight 59 kg
Blood Type B
Eye color brown
Hair color blue-gray
Anime debut Episode 8
Manga debut Chapter 14
Voice actors
Japanese Shintarō Asanuma
Other N/A

Hajime Kujou (九条 一 Kujō Hajime) is a side character of the anime series, Isshuukan Friends. Hajime is a transfer student during the second semester. He is Kaori's primary school classmate. He and Kaori promised to meet in the park the day before he transferred to Hokkaido, to which Kaori never fulfilled due to her accident. His family has strict demands on him, to the point where he isn't allowed to buy games.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Hajime has brownish-golden eyes with messy blue-black hair, combed to the right. He wears the school uniform, but with a black sweater vest on top.


Hajime is first shown as a very friendly person the day he transfers into his new school, however he rather acts very cold and distant towards Kaori. He calls her a "traitor" every single time he refers to her or talks to her due to the unfulfilled promise Kaori had on him, yet he doesn't tell her the truth until much more later. It is then revealed that Hajime isn't actually as cold as he usually acts towards Kaori but he is simply testing Kaori if she can even still remember him by acting that way. When Kaori tells him right after he tells her the truth about the past that she is rather happy to see Hajime again, he blushes in an instant, revealing that his feelings for Kaori are indeed still the same from before he transferred.


He and Kaori were childhood friends. He is also the reason why Kaori excels in mathematics so much ever since he had shown her in their sixth grade how intelligent he is regarding everything about the subject. Thus, she was able to learn from him.


Kaori FujimiyaEdit

Hajime and Kaori used to be childhood friends and invited her to the park on the day before he moved. Since Kaori didn't go to the park (due to the accident), he thought he was an unimportant friend to her and refers as a "traitor". Until episode 11, he knew nothing about the accident. It is shown that he gets flustered when someone mentions him and Kaori together. Through his cold attitude towards Kaori, he really wants her to remember him and he also wants to be a special friend to her.